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    Market research and analysis, trend forecasting, competitive analysis, brand strategy and planning, growth strategy both for newly opened and already existing companies on the market. Every company should have its own personalized strategy as this is the detailed plan of development with all concrete approaches and technics. 

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    Product launch, go-to market strategy, demand creation, customer experience analysis, loyalty strategies. The goal of any business is to receive income. It can't appear from nowhere if you don't have a strategy with concrete steps for development on the market. We help you and your business achieve real results expressed in monetary terms.

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    Marketing efficiency, process improvement, channel optimization, campaign optimization, Agile for marketing. Whatever your company or product is, we always recommend to control the performance. It indicates whether you move in the right direction. We have all the needed tools and experienced specialists who keep your performance indicators under control.

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    Human Resources

    Business team organization, alignment of key human resource initiatives, competency alignments, team building. Mistakenly hired staff can kill your business, especially in terms of top management. Wrong decisions of key players are of great importance. We help you find the best candidates for top positions and evaluate their results throughout the work process.

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